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RapcoHorizon Venue Series Snake
RapcoHorizon Venue Series Snake
RapcoHorizon Company
RapcoHorizon Venue Series snakes. A custom designed product available in virtually any configuration desired fro all mic systems with separate drive lines, to a complete all in one 48x8 multi-pin disconnect system with splits for monitor, front of house and broadcast. Professional transformer isolation for each channel with multiple splits. ground lifts, and custom laser engraving also available

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RapcoHorizon Company
Lockable Cable Connector, Blue
Lockable Cable Connector, Blue



ACAUDIO(connector code)-length

AC Power and two lines of balanced digital audio

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The ACAUDIO Series from RapcoHorizon offers a turn-key solution for daisy chaining Line Arrays or powered speakers. The audio channels are capable of carrying DSP information as well as analog audio. A variety of Neutrik PowerCon,Edison AC connectors and twist lock connectors can be combined to meet any specific application. Contact RapcoHorizon at info@rapcohorizon.com for specifics on connector options and pricing.
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