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LINK Electronics - 1261/1061 Digiflex 1000


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Ceiling-Recessed Screens With Controlled Return

Digiflex 1000



Dual Input/Output Analog Video to Serial Digital Converter with Frame Synchronizer

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1261/1061is an analog video to serial digital (SDI) conversion module with an integral frame synchronizer. The unit is 10 bit processing that meets broadcast standards for professional use. Composite analog video is converted to 10 bit parallel data and decoded to 4:2:2 digital component video using the state of the art design. It features dual input and dual output signals. Two independent analog inputs can be converted to two independent outputs. One card performs as two independent cards for A to D conversion. The analog black reference input provides independently timing for each output. The H timing range is infinite for precisely timing the signals into the system. The 1261/1061 will automatically detect NTSC or PAL input signals. In the event of loss of input signal, the output will freeze the last frame ( four fields). The front panel rotary encoder provides adjustments of timing and phase. The rear panel accepts two analog video inputs, and provides two SDI outputs of each input. A single BNC is provided for black reference input, impedance 75ohms. The front card edge read-out provides information about the operating performance. The rotary encoder selects operating temperature, and specific voltages.
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