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Comprehensive Cable and Connectivity Company (VCOM)
14 AWG x 2 Conductor Residential Speaker Bulk Cable 500 Ft
14 AWG x 2 Conductor Residential Speaker Bulk Cable 500 Ft

Teliris @nywhere

Video Based Fully Managed Software

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Teliris @nywhere is the industry’s first fully managed software-based video client, designed to extend the Teliris ecosystem to the desktop. Compatible with any PC or Mac, the Teliris @nywhere software client allows you to stay connected at home or in the office. With an intuitive user interface and 10-way multipoint capability, Teliris @nywhere delivers HD quality video right to your computer through general purpose networks and the internet. Teliris @nywhere integrates seamlessly with the entire Teliris ecosystem and is supported by Teliris Lentaris, a cloud-based managed services and interoperability platform that providesB2B connectivity, broad interoperability andguaranteed reliability.
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