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RGB Spectrum - MediaWall 4500 Duo video walls


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MediaWall 4500 Duo

3x8 Display Wall Processor

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The next generation MediaWall Duo system is an innovative solution for display walls up to 3 x 8. This is parallel image processing at its best. Two next generation MediaWall 4500 processor working in tandem under the control of a unifying control application. The result best of class performance and unparalleled ease of use. The MediaWall Duo delivers full functionality for larger display wall arrays with one easy to use virtual control panel. Even with the maximum of 60 windows displayed simultaneously, real time performance is maintained with no loss of image quality or update rate. Graphic and video windows can be placed anywhere on the array. MediaWall Duo 4500 supports up to sixty graphic and video inputs across a 3 x 8 array. Input windows can be configured to be global (anywhere on the wall) or regional (located on the left half or right half of the wall). The system employs new MediaWall purpose-built processors with an embedded operating system, offering true plug-and-play installation and superior performance to PC-based architectures. The MediaWall Duo software application, an extension of RGB Spectrum industry leading "Web Control Panel" runs remotely under Windows 2000 or XP.
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