QOMO HiteVision

Turn your work meeting into an interactive session, where every member of the meeting can display their computer, smartphone or tablet screen, for a more effective and efficient meeting!
An Interactive Whiteboard created for young kids! Hot Kid-friendly software, hot keys in easy reach for kids and teacher, and stand included, for easy transport around the classroom!
This 100" QOMO Interactive Whiteboard is perfect for any business presentation. Annotate over and advance slides in your presentation, screen, image or video to make key information clearer, add information, and overall enhance the effectiveness of your presentation
The Kidzboard, colorful and interactive, is made for ease of use by young children and teachers alike. Mounted on an adjustable mobile cart with storage shelves and a short throw projector, the Kinderboard is easy to share.
QOMO enters a new era of writing panel technology with our QIT600 Wide-Screen, 21.5", Multi-Touch HD Monitor. Designed for comfort, the QIT600 panel adjusts to your angle preference, so you can present with ease. Writing is made easy with palm-shield technology that allows you to rest your palm while working! The QIT600 uses innovative technology that eliminates the need for add-on glass, meani
The QD8000 is High Definition Desktop Document Camera with an on-board LCD display and touch-sensitive controls. Brief video explains basic document camera set-up and connections.
A brief overview of the QOMO ultra compact QPC20 portable document camera. Simple USB connection to your computer and it's ready to be used with the included software.
Brief overview of the QOMO QPC30 and QPC30M Portable Document Camera. High flexibility, excellent image quality and high value. The QPC30 M has excellent image quality and color in a portable, extremely light weight package at an affordable price! With (5) axis or rotation, the camera head is easily manipulated to view any object at any angle. The performance and price make this an excellent te
Overview of QOMO HiteVision's new QPC60 portable document camera. Built in color display. Record and playback videos with built in speaker and microphone.
Brief overview and company introduction.
Brief overview of the QOMO QClick Student Response System and demonstration offer.
The QPC60 offers an incredibly compact design with a sleek base and collapsible arm. Navigate easily through a variety of functions on the control panel, including image capture, freeze, text & graphics, color selection, image rotation, and many more. The fully articulated arm allows for dynamic viewing angles and depths; and rotation at the base allows for 180 degrees of shooting area.
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