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Voting Systems for Council Chambers - TAIDEN HCS-4330 Product review
Voting Systems for Council Chambers - TAIDEN HCS-4330 Product review
Media Vision
This conference system is an all-in-one technology that provides a controllable microphone unit to each council member with a built-in speaker for improving sound quality, and an optional voting interface. The quality of the audio is greatly improved both in the chamber and on the recordings, teleconferences, or broadcasts. You can also capture, organize, and store valuable meeting data.

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Media Vision
Digital IR Wireless Delegate Unit
Digital IR Wireless Delegate Unit




20-User Wireless Conference System

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Improve the audio during your conference calls with a TAIDEN Digital Infrared Wireless Conference System. A perfect solution for flexible meeting spaces and VTC boardrooms, our wireless system offers multi-room configuration and can easily connect to third-party video conferencing systems for distance communication. Using digital infrared wireless technology you are guaranteed superb, secure and consistent audio performance with no interference from mobile phones, Wi-Fi networks or other RF systems.
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