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Kata Lightweight Protection...In Action - Broadway Bomb 2011
Kata Lightweight Protection...In Action - Broadway Bomb 2011
The Broadway Bomb 2011 attracted longboarders from around the world and Kata was there. On October 8th, 2011, 1200+ longboarders converged on Riverside Park at 116th street for the start of the Broadway Bomb. This 8.5 mile longboard on Broadway runs the length of Manhatten. What better place to try the new Kata Ultra-Light Minibee 111. How would this lightweight protective camera case perform duri
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123GO Introduction

Video posted on 13-Oct-10

The 123-GO sling/backpack family is part of KATA's DPS collection. These are the entry level basic version of our more illustrious and feature rich 3N1 family. The 123-GO features three carrying configurations: Right sling, left sling and backpack. The sling configuration will also suit left-handed photographers. When presented with a shot, just swing it forward rapidly to the Quickdraw position


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