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Array Speakers
Array Speakers
Califone International, Inc.
Target the sound directly at the audience with an increased signal-to-noise ratio. Each has speaker mounts & spring-loaded terminals for audio, connects to computers, LCD projectors & media players. There is the powered 16-channel UHF (900 MHz) PI39 which can receive wireless audio, powered non-UHF PI30-PS; and the non-powered non-UHF PI30-SP included with the Infrared Classroom Audio System.

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Califone International, Inc.
10-position Stereo Jackbox for Tablets, Computers and Media Players
10-position Stereo Jackbox for Tablets, Computers and Media Players


Wireless iPhone/iPod PA with Handheld Wireless Microphone

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The PA419, the first portable PA designed for schools, churches, hotels and meeting facilities with an Apple-approved docking station for audio played from iPhones and iPods. Using phone's downloaded playlist, take advantage of streaming Pandora or Spotify, or play music from the built-in DVD/CD player for groups up to 300 people or in rooms up to 2000 square feet. Ideal for multiple presenters, this package includes wireless mic ( can accomodate second) and can even support third presenter (using wired mic) all at same time. In addition to straight voice amplification, with simple to operate PA419 you can easily connect a computer (to the line input) and projector (from the line out) for full multimedia presentations, or even karaoke. Sometimes you'll want to interrupt the PA playing music in order to make announcements, and with the voice priority capability of the PA419, the music level will automatically decrease when a (wired or wireless) mic is used and will return to the same level once you're finished. PA419 runs on AC power or its rechargeable battery, and plays for at least 2 hours on a single charge.
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