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TruLink Media Gateway
TruLink Media Gateway
TruLink Media Gateway offers seamless firmware updates via the network to keep ownership costs down by eliminating the need for a technician to service each room every time new firmware is introduced. In addition to low total cost, Media Gateway is available in three versions and each version comes in wall mount or desktop to match any budget, space or technology requirements.

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16ft USB A Male to Female Active Extension Cable
16ft USB A Male to Female Active Extension Cable


35-inch Vertical Cable Management Rack

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35-inch vertical cable management rack organizes rackmount to look professional and prevents relay rack from becoming an unmanageable web of wires. Patch cords can be easily coiled and placed inside the panel, and the connector can be threaded through the flexible plastic fingers to patch panels or network electronics installed above or below. Easy to install with this space-saving 2U design. Each unit consists of front and rear covers with the fingers spaced to provide easy access to the cabling while maintaining the minimum bend radius for Cat5e.
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