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VoLTE and Audio Quality Test - Rohde & Schwarz at LTE North America 2011
VoLTE and Audio Quality Test - Rohde & Schwarz at LTE North America 2011
Rohde & Schwarz USA, Inc.
Rohde&Schwarz demonstrated voice over LTE (VoLTE) and audio quality measurements with the R&S®CMW500 wideband communication tester and the R&S®UPV audio analyzer at LTE North America 2011. For the demonstration a commercial LTE USB dongle in combination with an IMS client running on a PC was used to simulate a VoLTE-capable device.

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Handheld RF Interference Hunter, Frequency Range from 9kHz to 7.5GHz

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The R&S PR100 portable receiver has been specifically designed for radio monitoring applications in the field. The receiver's functions and control concept have been optimized for monitoring tasks. In addition, it can be used for a variety of other applications. The R&S PR100 operates in a wide frequency range from 9kHz to 7.5GHz. Whether used for monitoring emissions, detecting interference or locating miniature transmitters, the receiver always combines high mobility with maximum operating ease. The receiver and the R&S HE300 active directional antenna together form a compact receiving system. The receiver can also be used in conjunction with other antennas, e.g. broadband omnidirectional antennas.
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