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Da-Lite Screen Company LLC
DLX MODEL B 106D 52X92NPA HCMW -- Deluxe Model B - HDTV (16:9) - High Contrast Matte White - 52 x 92
DLX MODEL B 106D 52X92NPA HCMW -- Deluxe Model B - HDTV (16:9) - High Contrast Matte White - 52 x 92

CA Series



Power Amplifier, 82V/Channel Maximum RMS Output Voltage

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This power amplifier provides economical access to premium sound quality of the Crest Audio Pro series. Professional power-handling capabilities and exceptional low-end response makes this amplifier an ideal choice for installations and touring applications that demand the finest audio quality. Latest generation of high-speed, wide-bandwidth output devices. Balanced male and female XLR inputs with switch-configurable XLR polarity and sensitivity selection. Power amplifier is designed to achieve unsurpassed sonic performance and long-term reliability even when operating under extreme stress in touring or fixed installation applications. Absolute sonic accuracy is the hallmark of every Crest amplifier. Bass is solid and defined to the limits of audibility, with ample current reserves delivered by an over-engineered power supply and advanced class H circuitry. Wide-bandwidth output devices assure detailed, transparent high frequency response. Exclusive IGM circuit, the CA9 will drive 2 ohms loads safely without compromise in performance.
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