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Enhanced Listening Technologies Corp. - IRT110M (series 2) Assistive Listening (IR)


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Enhanced Listening Technologies Corp.
Lightweight "Presenter's" headset w/detachable cable (cocoa or black)

Assistive Listening (IR)


IRT110M (series 2)

AudioLink-PRO medium area frequency agile IR modulator/emitter 95KHz; 250KHz; 2.3MHz; 2.8MHz

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The M110 modulator/receiver is one of the most flexible and useful tools available today for infrared listening enhancement. The M110, and its larger M400 counterpart are the only modulator/emitters available in the market today that support any one of the four most commonly used infrared transmitting frequencies and supports both low band and high band applications (95KHz, 250KHz, 2.3MHz, 2.8MHz). Its 36 IR emitting diodes readily illuminate spaces 3600 square feet on low band and more than 1800 square feet on high band. This makes it a perfect choice for medium area environments such as courtrooms, classrooms and senior living centers.
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