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MULTI-MASK IMAGER 119D HD1.1 -- Multi Mask Imager - Multiple - HD Progressive 1.1 - 58 x 104



Auditioner Playback System

Portable Design Playback System

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The Auditioner® playback system employs a patented arrangement of near-field speakers and proprietary signal processing to precisely deliver sound waves to the listener’s ears listener’s ears so they hear sound the same way they would in the actual room. Using the Auditioner technology allows the listener to "step inside" the model and accurately experience the sound system’s performance in the room, as well as specific room characteristics such as spaciousness, source localization, reverberation and reflections.

Used with the Modeler Plus software, the Auditioner playback system is an very useful design tool for sound system designers and acoustic consultants. It lets them to evaluate various system design or acoustic treatment options to achieve the best results for their clients. In addition, it allows for easy demonstration of system performance for project teams and system owners.

The Auditioner playback system III features a highly portable design and can be transported easily. It can demonstrate sound systems with performance of up to 110 dB-SPL, and bandwidth from 25 Hz to 16 kHz. In addition, the system offers up to 240° of horizontal spatial imaging.

Demonstration can be performed "live" using Modeler Plus software, or can be pre-recorded and played back on the Auditioner playback system using calibrated recordings. A dual mode sound pressure level meter/calibration meter is integrated into the base of the Auditioner playback system to assist with the playback of pre-recorded, calibrated material, and to indicate the SPL level at the listener’s ears during playback.
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