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Don't Blink!
PureLink's revolutionary PM Series Matrix Routers produce signal switching speeds that are faster than the blink of an eye. Don't blink...or you'll miss the
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PureLink’s Revolutionary New PM Series Arrives

Article posted on Jan 11, 2012

The company that invented the modern day HD Matrix Router has done it again.   While the rest of the pack may just be catching up with modularity and cross-platform capabillity, PureLink has once again proven its leadership with a visionary new line called PM.   Some will think its ingenious, others will think its pure magic, a tour d’force of breakthrough thinking that will make everyone stop in their tracks and take notice.

PM Routers combine the best elements of  HDbaseT,  long distance over a single CAT5e, POE+, and bi-directional RS-232/422 control compabilities along with Auto-Scaling and Seamless Switching side by side with the latest and most advanced 2 LC fiber option for ultra long distance runs with the same features, in a single chassis.   When combined with the new PM  Transmitters and Receivers, the result is higher performance with fewer parts and lower overall cost.    PM’s unique Audio Insertion and Extraction capabilities offers integrators a new level of control over Audio Routing with the Video.     PM can mix HDMI, DVI, 3G/HD-SDI over CAT5e (HDbaseT) or Fiber from a single chassis!

One look at the front panel of the new PM-16X 16×16 Cross-Platform Modular Matrix Router (MSRP $13,999) tells you this product is different.   There are no noisy mechanical analog push buttons to clutter it up.   PureLink’s 3rd generation LCD Touchscreen Control Interface with security lock-out provides Input/Output Signal Analysis of resolution, EDID, and HDCP along with a built-in Test Pattern Generator.   See screen shots below.                                                                                                                                                   

The PM  Series Extenders are another example of fresh and original thinking.   Shown here is the PM-CT102 Stand-Alone Transmitter for HDMI and VGA over CAT5e (HDbaseT) at the MSRP of $1599 each, sold a la carte.  The PM-CT102 Receiver is priced the same at $1599 each.  This new combination extends POE +, analog audio, RS-232/422/IR, and HDCP up to 330 ft.       

The PM Series is the most advanced HD routing solution on the market today.  Its available right now, call or email to request a dealer price sheet so you can start specifying PM for your most challenging projects. 

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