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Total Products: 39
Model Product Name Description
AL2PAD20 Silicone earpad 10pr pack Replacement for ST2 and AL2 series stetho headphones and receivers. Also fits many Williams Sound/Humantechnik and Dynalife stetho receivers.
B-1 SchoolPHONES "Backphone" Backwrap style headphone for middle school through post secondary school applications. Quality Samarium-Cobalt magnet structure. Nylon headband for maximum durability. Affordably priced. Learn more at
CH3BF Compact binaural folding headphone Compact 32ohm binaural headphone w/fold flat earpieces, woven cotton/polyester cable, one piece polyester/urethane foam earpads. Compatible with mono and stereo jack audio products. NOT STEREO...BINAURAL
CM200 Collar Microphone w/cardioid capsule The CM200 microphone forms easily around the neck to give you a viable "no clip" option for presenters, teachers, etc. Available plugs: 3.5mm (2 or 3 pole); 2.5mm (2 pole); T3F mini XLR; Tinned Stripped leads.
CVX100PH ChatterVOX-PRO w/headset mic ChatterVOX personal voice amplification system
HM100 "Presenter's" Noise Cancelling Cardioid Headset mic Comfortable,lightweight,robust headset microphone. Perfect for presenters who seek performance over fashion. A basic, proven design than can handle rough treatment.
HM150 Noise Cancelling Headset mic w/"Sweat Guard" Robust, sweat resistant, high intelligibility headset microphone at a VALUE price. A toughened derivative of our proven HM100 design. Perfect for aerobics and other applications where moisture and sweat are issues.
HM200C Lightweight "Presenter's" headset w/detachable cable (cocoa or black) Comfortable,lightweight,robust headset cardioid microphone with detachable cable. Perfect for presenters who seek performance with tailored appearance. Aveilable in Black and Cocoa
iP-1 3.5mm multi-media jack to 3.5mm tablet style plug adapter Adapt conventional dual 3.5mm multi-media headphones to iFRIENDLY format 3.5mm 4 pole plug.
iP-media iHeadset to media 2x 3.5mm adapter 3.5mm 4-pole jack to media 2x 3.5mm 3-pole audio adapter for connecting personal electronics style headphone to computer sound card. (TPE construction)
IRR232A AudioLink-II 3 mode IR stetho receiver; 2.3MHz/2.8MHz/Stereo 3 channel(2.3MHz/2.8MHz/Stereo)high band stetho style IR receiver
IRR232PC AudioLink "Compact" 2 mode IR receiver; 2.3MHz or 2.8MHZ Original Ipod "shuffle" sized switchable 2.3/2.8MHz pendant receiver for use with earphones, induction neckloops and other hearing aid/cochlear implant couplings.
IRR951A AudioLink-II IR stetho receiver; 95KHz 95KHz low band IR stetho style receiver
IRR951C AudioLink "compact" IR receiver;95KHz AudioLink "compact" style 95KHz IR receiver for use w/earphones or hearing aid/cochlear implant couplings.
IRR952A AudioLink-II 3 mode IR stetho receiver; 95KHz/250KHz/stereo 3 channel(95KHz/250KHz/stereo)low band stetho style IR receiver
IRR952P AudioLink-PRO 2 mode wideband pendant IR receiver; 95KHz/250KHz AudioLink-PRO heavy duty 2 channel wideband pendant IR receiver (95KHz or 250KHz) for use w/earphones or hearing aid/cochlear implant couplings.
IRT110M (series 2) AudioLink-PRO medium area frequency agile IR modulator/emitter 95KHz; 250KHz; 2.3MHz; 2.8MHz Illuminates spaces 3600 square feet on low band and 1800 square feet on high band. The series-2 IRT110M modulator/emitter supports both low band and high band applications (95KHz, 250KHz, 2.3MHz, 2.8MHz).
IRT110R AudioLink PRO small/medium area IR expansion emitter. Low band (2500sf); High band(1500sf)
IRT232C AudioLink "Compact" high-band (2.3/2.8MHz) 2 channel/stereo transmitter (400sf)
IRT400M AudioLink-PRO frequency agile medium-large area IR modulator-emitter; 95KHz or 250KHz(7500sf); 2.3MHz or 2.8MHz(5000sf) Single channel; Frequncey agile modulator/ emmitter capable of operating on any of the four primary IR frequencies. (95KHz,250KHz,2.3MHz, 2.8MHz)
IRT400R AudioLink-PRO medium-large area IR expansion emitter; Low band (7500sf); High band(5000sf) Single channel; Frequncey agile IR expansion emitter capable of operating on any of the four primary IR frequencies. (95KHz,250KHz,2.3MHz, 2.8MHz)
IRT951C AudioLink "Compact" 95KHz mono IR transmitter (750sf)
K-4Mt SchoolPHONES TABLET FRIENDLY, K-4media Headphone PreK-4th grade compact media SchoolPHONE w/1.2m cable, boom microphone dual 3.5mm plug, tablet plug adapter and zip lock bag
K-6 Children's sized hygienic stereo headphone for classroom applications. Next generation entry level headphone in our highly acclaimed line of SchoolPHONES hygienic headphones for classroom use.
Lab Partner Teen sized LAB headphone for classroom use
Lab Partner Jr. Children's sized ultra-durable lab style headphone for classroom
LC-100 SchoolPHONES 4 port compact listening center The LC-100 can be used as a microphone mixer by connecting upto four microphones or as a Listening center by connecting up to four headphones to your personal amplifier or other device.
Media 2t SchoolPHONES 'TABLET READY" Multi-media headphone. ROCK SOLID, TABLET READY behind the head style stereo headphone with boom electret condenser microphone. Perfect for individual use in computer/language labs from middle school up. FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO:
MI-2 AudioLink-MI compact magnetic induction receiver Audio Frequency Induction Loop (A.F.I.L.S.) receiver for use with earphones and direct coupling of hearing aids/cochlear implants. ADA Compliance item (see narrative).
MM100 Brass body cardioid pencil/lavliere microphone Solid brass construction for durability and minimum handling noise. Includes lavaliere clip and neck cord. Great for lavaliere applications with wireless bodypack
MM200 compact "ROOK" style conference microphone (solid brass) Ideal for portable conferencing systems, court reporters and near-field interview environments
PLS232C AudioLink High Band STEREO Personal Listening System 2.3/2.8 MHz AudioLink Compact 2.3/2.8 MHz Stereo personal listening system is a small area IR transmitter and receiver combo that can be connected to your television using your choice of audio jacks or TV microphone.
PLS951C Compact Personal Listening System 951C AudioLink Compact 95KHz personal listening system including transmitter/receiver/receiver tote//audio cable/ power supply
SIX ChatterVOX waist-worn voice amplifier for outdoor and large area applications. Perfect for PE teachers, Coaches, Tourguides, Crowd managers
ST-2 series Stethoscopic earphone for transcription/language translation Ultra-lightweight stetho headphone. Ideal for language translation, tour, assistive listening and transcription applications. Available stock versions: STEREO/BINAURAL-MONAURAL Custom versions/configurations by special order.
Tech-1 Children's sized hygienic stereo headphone for classroom applications. Step-up version of our acclaimed range of hygienic SchoolPHONES with detachable/replaceable cable.
Tech-media Children sized "ASH" media headphone for classroom Child sized American Standard Headset for use with tablets, smartphones, laptops and other systems equipped with ASH 4 conductor audio jacks
WS100 Replacement Windscreen for the HM100 Microphone Replacement Windscreen for the HM100 Microphone (3pcs)
WS200 Replacement Windscreen for CM200 Replacement Windscreen for CM200 collar mic (3pcs)
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