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Feb 11, 2014 BOXi T-200, ELMO's new 150-lumen portable projector recently debuted at CES 2014.  Click here to read all about how BOXi T-200 is the perfect portable projector for you. ...
Feb 3, 2014 ELMO USA Corp will be exhibiting at TCEA in Austin, TX Feb 5-7.  Visit us at Booth #1435 to see a live demonstration on how ELMO Classroom Solutions enchances teaching and learni...
Jan 24, 2014 ELMO USA Corp. will be exhibiting at FETC in Orlando, January 28-31.  Visit us at Booth #831 to see a live demonstration on how ELMO Classroom Solutions enhances teaching and le...
Jan 8, 2014 Art Feierman of writes "The BOXi T-200 can work well in the home, as a portable presentation, and even as a field-portable classroom projector."   ...
Jan 8, 2014 BOXi MP-350 is back in the spotlight. Check out the amazing review of BOXi MP-350 by! ...
Jan 2, 2014 ELMO USA Corp. is exhibiting at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. Visit booth #35272 to see all the exciting new products....
Dec 4, 2013 Click here to watch ELMO's BRAND NEW BOXi MP-350 Mobile Projector video....
Oct 17, 2013 Due to increased demand, ELMO's Pink MO-1 Promotion has been extended through November!  Click here to purchase your pink MO-1 for only $339 with free shipping today! Only a lim...
Oct 3, 2013 Check out the ELMO BOXi T-350 review by Dustin Orgill at! Click here:
 ELMO Photo Contest has started! Take a pic of your ELMO in action and submit to receive an ELMO SD Card (while supplies last!). Vote for the best pic and a new MO-1 goes to the winner!!  ...
 PLAINVIEW, N.Y., September 4 – Emphasizing simplicity, convenience, and sleek design, ELMO USA introduced the BOXi T-350, its first portable HD video projector designed for popular consume...
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See the QBiC MS-1 action camera in action. The QBiC records Full HD video. Visit for more information.
New from ELMO! Take a look at the amazing features of the BOXi Mobile Projector.
See how ELMO Classroom Solutions can engage students and make lessons more exciting! Watch how questions from textbooks can be viewed using the ELMO document camera and students can respond using ELMO clickers. Results can be viewed instantly!
Use an ELMO document camera to record important activites of your lesson and annotate with the ELMO wireless tablet to emphasize key points. This origami video clearly shows the steps to create a Samurai hat called "Kabuto".
This is a time-lapse video recorded by a 2nd grade teacher using the ELMO document camera and the ELMO tablet. Now she can show two different examples to their students during one lesson. And with the ELMO tablet, she is able to play back and forth the video and make annotations while walking around the classroom and engaging her students.
See easy to set up & use, fun and intuitive ELMO Student Response System in action!
See how the Interactive Document Camera from ELMO can engage students! Category:
Easy set up and operation guide for ELMO's CO-10 document camera.
Get tips to incorporate classoom technology(ELMO document camera and wireless tablet) into ordinary lessons easily and wisely!
Watch what teachers' say about the ELMO CRA-1 wireless tablet.
See what K-5 grade teacher says about the ELMO document camera!
See what science teacher says about the ELMO document camera!
See various efficient ways to use the ELMO document camera in the classroom!
ELMO document camera with the ELMO wireless tablet is the easiest and most affordable way to engage your students! It allows you to move freely in the classroom to interact with your students!
See how to use your ELMO. It's very easy!
Teach more efficiently with the instant recording function of the ELMO.
Create animation and record change with time-lapse photography!
* True color reproduction crisp clear image * 30 frames per second real time image * Remote control * High resolution XGA, WXGA, and SXGA from a 1.39 MP CMOS Sensor * New Image Mate Software with audio and video recording * 5.2x optical zoom, 8x digital zoom total of 41.6x zoom * Easy to use with a microscope * Intuitive on screen menu * LED light
A demonstration of the set-up and use of the features of the ELMO CO-10 Document Camera.
PART 2: A Comprehensive Demonstration of the Features of the ELMO TT-02RX Document Camera from ELMO USA Corporation. PART 2: REMOTE CONTROL and MICROSCOPE MODE
PART 1: A Comprehensive Demonstration of the Features of the ELMO TT-02RX Document Camera from ELMO USA Corporation. PART 1: SET UP AND USE
ELMO USA's P30S Digital Document Camera
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