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Crestron Electronics, Inc.
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Multimedia Presentation System 250

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The MPS-250 is a complete presentation control and signal routing solution for boardrooms and classrooms. Integrating the control system, multimedia matrix switcher, mic mixer, audio processor, amplifier, and QuickMedia distribution center all into a single 2-space rackmount package, the MPS-250 affords considerable signal routing versatility and high-performance signal processing without the need for separate components. Right out of the box, the MPS-250 provides high-performance switching of 2 video and 3 RGB computer sources to a single projector or flat-panel display. Composite, S-Video, component and RGBHV signals can be routed to the appropriate inputs on the display device, with control of the display provided via Ethernet, RS-232 or IR. Input signal sensing is provided on every video and RGB input to enable auto-switching functionality and provide device power status information to the control system. Selectable sync impedance on the RGB inputs helps accommodate cable runs of varying lengths. Versatile matrix switching inside the MPS-250 actually affords some additional hidden signal routing flexibility, providing discrete switchable outputs for RGB, composite, S-Video, and component signals. For instance, Outputs 1 and 2 can function as separate composite and S-Video outputs, or as a single component output; Output 3 can be a single component, S-Video, or composite output; and Output 4 can be used for either RGB or component. Each output is fed by a separate matrix crosspoint, so they all can be active simultaneously and assigned any relevant input source.
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