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Marantz Professional

Total Products: 57
Model Product Name Description
DN-C620 1RU Broadcast CD Player The new DN-C620 from Denon Professional is, at the heart of it, a full-featured, rack-mounted CD player.
DN-F300 Professional Solid State Audio Player The new DN-F300 marks the next generation in audio players, further raising the bar with digital solid-state design that features no moving parts, maintenance-free operation, unparalleled reliability and the best performance available at any price.
DN-HP700 Headphone, 40mm Spaker Driver The DN-HP700 features an impeccably clean vibrant sound that will withstand the demands of high volume, while maintaining its sonic characteristics.
AVR-E300P Integrated Network AV Receiver, 175 Watts The AVR-E300P AV surround receiver as the heart of your home theater system, via your home network you can access music streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora® and SiriusXM Internet Radio.
AVR-E400P Integrated Network AV Receiver, 7.1-channel AV surround receiver The AVR-E400P is a powerful high-performance 7.1-channel AV surround receiver that lets you enjoy HD and 3D movies in remarkably spacious surround sound.
AVR-X3000P Integrated Network AV Receiver, 7 Channel Amplifier The AVR-X3000P A/V receiver lets you enjoy both 3D video and immersive surround sound to your heart’s content. It is equipped with a powerful 7-channel amplifier that delivers a rich, enveloping surround sound.
AVR-X4000P Integrated Network AV Receiver The AVR-X4000 A/V receiver is packed with Denon technologies that deliver superior sound and picture quality through 7.2 channels. It also provides a wealth of features for enjoying music or video programs.
BU4500 CD/MP3 Drive Unit The BU-4500 CD/MP3 Drive Unit can be used in conjunction with the DN-HC5000 Serato ITCH Controller and the DN-HC4500 USB MIDI/Audio Interface and Controller. In addition, it can be used as a replacement drive for the DN-D4500 CD/MP3 player.
CDR310 Professional Portable CD Recorder High-precision control, easy navigation, and great performance characterize Denon & Marantz Professional’s CD recorders, allowing both novice and expert users to consistently create flawless digital music and voice recordings.
CDR633 Single Well CD Recorder The CDR633 is positioned to make full-featured professional CD recording technology available to virtually any installation where the highest quality audio recording is desirable.
DBT-1713UDP Universal Audio Video Player Universal disc player with versatile media and streaming service support Denon’s 3D Universal disc playback technology provides playback of virtually all popular disc formats, including high definition Blu-ray discs.
DBT-3313UDCIP Universal Audio / Video Player The DBT-3313UDCIP universal disc player plays a wide variety of disc media such as 3D Blu-ray, DVD, DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD and Music CD, and via a network connection.
DN-500AV AV Surround Preamplifier DN-500AV pre-amplifier provides contractors, consultants, and system integrators with the most affordable and professional option to providing high-quality, channel-separated balanced audio outputs – complete with easy-to-use.
DN-500C CD / iPod Player DN-500C CD / iPod player allows greater control over audio than a simple consumer CD player with playback capabilities tailored for professional use.
DN-500R SD/USB Audio Recorder The new line of workhorse and affordable A/V products for installation by Denon Professional, enters the DN-500R solid state audio recorder. Conveniently tooled in the familiar 1 RU chassis.
DN-501C CD/Media Player The DN-501C is a broadcast–grade CD/USB/Media Player, further bolstering the 500-series – the new face of workhorse, affordable A/V products for professional installation by Denon Professional.
DN-700C Network CD / Media Player The DN-700C is a network CD / media player. The new DN-700C is designed to be fully functional as a Broadcast/Professional Installation quality network CD and media player with the option of multiple audio sources.
DN-700H Network Audio Player DN-700H is the first model in the 700-series - the new face of premium A/V products for professional installation by Denon Professional.
DN-700R Network SD/USB Audio Recorder The DN-700R Network SD/USB Recorder is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding installations, combining high quality audio recording with extensive network capabilities.
DN-C615 CD Player The DN-C615 offers users all the benefits of a professional-quality single-tray CD player at a very economical price. With up to 99 tracks of program play.
DN-C635 Professional CD Player The durable DN-C635 CD player offers all the functionality of a high-end, installation-grade professional unit at a very affordable price.
DN-C640 Slot-in Network CD Player The new DN-C640 from Denon Professional is, at the heart of it, a full featured, rack-mounted network CD player. But note the word “Professional” in the brand name. With a combination of flexible file formats, network control.
DN-D4500MK2 Dual Digital Media Player The DN-D4500MK2 offers you two Seamless loops with live B-Trim editing for mixing perfection, two Hot starts for instantly starting from your predetermined point on a track, Cue stutter, Selectable pitch ranges from 4% to 100%.
DN-F400 Solid State Audio Player The DN-F400 builds upon the professional quality and innovation that has long made Denon Professional the undisputed leader in innovative audio design.
DN-F450R Half-space 1RU Solid-State The DN-F450R offers a simplified, cost competitive solid state recording and playback capability. Derived from the DN-F650R, the half rack size unit provides for recording and playback to and from SD and SDHC flash memory cards.
DN-F650R 1RU Solid State / USB Recorder The Denon DN-F650R is a highly versatile professional solid state recorder offering recording to and between SD/SDHC flash card and USB external drives. Designed to fulfill the most demanding playback and recording applications in AV installation.
DN-HC1000S USB MIDI/Audio Interface & controller The DN-HC1000S from Denon DJ. Designed to interface and aid DVS systems (turntables / CD players) with today’s most popular DJ software program, Scratch Live, the DN-HC1000S provides DJs a comfortable plug and play, reliable hardware controller.
DN-HC4500 USB MIDI/Audio Interface & controller The DN-HC4500 is a Denon’s first USB MIDI/ Audio interface designed exclusively for computer performance club and mobile DJs worldwide.
DN-HP1000 Dynamic Headphone The DN-HP1000 features an impeccably clean vibrant sound that will withstand the demands of high volume, while maintaining its sonic characteristics. We did not forget about comfort, style and reliability either.
DN-HP500 Headphone with Cord length 1.2m The DN-HP500 headphones from Denon DJ. These latest headphones, like the HP1000 and HP700 models, produce impeccably clean and vibrant audio while withstanding the high-volume demands of today’s DJs; all in a stylish and affordable package.
DN-HP500S Closed Dynamic Headphone, White The DN-HP500S headphones from Denon DJ. These latest headphones, like the HP1000 and HP700 models, produce impeccably clean and vibrant audio while withstanding the high-volume demands of today’s DJs; all in a stylish and affordable package.
DN-MC6000 Professional Digital Mixer & Controller The DN-MC6000 is one of Denon DJ’s flagship controllers. Also acting as an audio interface and the DN-MC6000 Mixer and MIDI Controller, a four-channel/eight-source standalone digital DJ mixer with MIDI interface and internal sound card.
DN-S1200 Compact CD/USB Media Player & Controller Smallest CD/USB media player yet, the DN-S1200 packs in high-end features not found in much larger, more expensive units.
DN-SC2000 USB MIDI Controller with 2–deck Support The DN-SC2000 Controller unit is an affordable, compact, professional-grade, solid steel MIDI controller designed for the home DJ or party laptop DJ on the go. Used together with the DJ’s favorite mixer and PC software of choice.
DN-V755 Network Audio/Visual Player The DN-V755 Network Audio Visual Player is honest-to-goodness bona-fide revolutionary. Older systems required specialized software for configuration and control.
DN-X1100 Professional 4-Channel Mixer A perfect companion to any table top or rackmount player system, the DN-X1100 is a full featured 4-channel matrix mixer that further cements Denon's position as the industry leader in manufacturing DJ gear for the working professional.
DN-X120 Professional Mobile/Club Mixer The new Denon DJ DN-X120 is the smallest professional-quality DJ mixer on the market. Denon Leads the way.
DN-X1600 Professional 4ch Digital DJ Mixer DN-X1600 Digital DJ Mixer, offers superb sound quality, durability, reliability, operability and visibility. Based on the same core engine as Denon DJ’s flagship DN-X1700, the DN-X1600 is an extremely affordable and versatile four-channel digital mixer.
DN-X1700 Professional Digital DJ Mixer The DN-X1700 represents an important achievement by Denon’s R&D department, which, during the development process, worked closely with some of the top professionals in the industry, gaining key input on its design and functionality.
DN-X500 Professional Mobile/Club Mixer The DN-X500 rackmount mobile/club DJ mixer. Rock solid construction, superb audio fidelity, high quality parts, and of course reliability are the core ingredients of our design.
DN-X600 2-Channel Digital DJ Mixer with MIDI & Sound Card The DN-X600 features a 24-bit 96kHz USB 2.0 Audio Interface (sound card) with 4 in / 4 out (stereo) channels. Internal 32-bit Floating DSP Processing and 32-bit DAC Output ensure the best possible sound.
MC2000 DJ Controller The new MC2000 DJ controller combines a rich legacy of quality, reliability and top– notch professional features and implements them into a performance and creativity tool that is accessible to everyone.
MC3000 Professional DJ Controller The MC3000 DJ controller from Denon DJ is an affordable professional MIDI controller for Virtual DJ, packaged with Virtual DJ LE and fully optimized for Native Instruments® TRAKTOR™ 2 Technology Inside products.
MOUNT20BL Ceiling Mount Bracket for VP-12S4MBL, Black The MOUNT20BL is a ceiling mount bracket for VP-12S4MBL and it is available in black color.
NR1604P Slimline AV Surround Receiver The NR1604 is a versatile 7-channel home theater receiver with network capabilities in a slim-line body that delivers spacious, realistic surround sound from a wide variety of sources.
PMD580 Professional Installation Solid State Recorder Professional recording of the PMD580 solid state recorders for permanent installations, a single rack-space digital recorder that adds advanced network control and automatic archiving to the capabilities.
PMD620 Professional Handheld Portable Recorder The PMD620 fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and houses two high-quality electret condenser microphones and a monitor speaker, making it ideal for go-anywhere field recording application, such as interviews, podcasting.
PMD620MKII Handheld Solid State Recorder The PMD620 MKII is a high performance handheld digital recorder that records to SD flashcard media in either PCM (.WAV) or MP3 audio formats.
PMD661 Professional Portable Field Recorder PMD661 incorporates a wide range of technical advances and convenience features that help it excel in virtually any application. Big enough to accommodate dual XLR microphones and light enough for handheld use.
PMD661MKII Professional Handheld Solid State Recorder PMD661 MKII is the long awaited successor to the popular PMD661 professional compact digital audio recorder, now offering many improved recording and security features.
PMD671 Professional 24bit Digital Audio Recorder The PMD671 can record 24-bit, 96 kHz audio for the highest sound quality available in the field or even in the studio. The ability to read-after-write offers completely new levels of functionality never before available in a field recorder.
SC2900 Digital Controller and Media Player DJ SC2900 marks a revolution for Professional, Club and Studio DJs by bringing Denon DJs first ever static-platter controller and media player combining the ultimate in ground-breaking design and the highest in industry-standard quality.
SC3900 Digital Media Turntable & DJ Controller The SC3900 is a digital turntable and media controller with 9-inch active platter. Utilizing a completely redesigned High-Torque Direct Drive Motor that exactly mirrors the feel of vinyl.
VP4001 1200 ANSI Lumens DLP Projector The VP4001 is a DLP projector with 6500: 1 contrast ratio, 1200 ANSI lumens of brightness. 5x Speed 6 segment color wheel.
VP8600 800 ANSI Lumens DLP Projector Projector is designed to reach a new low price point to open up a completely different customer who might have been only able to aspire to own a Marantz video projector in the past.
WB4001 Flat Wall Mount Bracket for PD4230V/PD4250D/PD5050D Flat wall mount bracket is suitable for PD4230V/PD4250D/PD5050D.
WB4001T Tilting Wall Mount Bracket for PD4230V/PD4250D/PD5050D Tilting wall mount bracket is suitable for PD4230V/PD4250D/PD5050D.
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