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Ashly Audio, Inc. - TM-360 TM


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Ashly Audio, Inc.
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Ashly Remote for iPad
Ashly Remote for iPad




60W Public Address Mono Power Amplifier

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The Ashly TM-360 is table-top mixer and 60W mono power amplifier for applications that require background music and/or paging. Input 1 is balanced microphone (phantom power available) or line input (Euroblock). Inputs 2 and 3 are balanced line level (Euroblock) or stereo summing (dual RCA). Front panel stereo mini-jack is routed to input 2 and when it is used the back panel input is bypassed. Each input has an independent gain control and front panel level control. TM-360 has front-panel signal presence LEDs on each input that function as priority mute when engaged. Manual mute function can be engaged using contact closure. Zone 2 output (1W-8 ohms and/or line level) with level control can have selected inputs assigned. Bass and Treble controls are on the Main Output. Main speaker output (Euroblock) is 60W at 4 ohms, 25V, and 70V. Export versions with 230VAC input are 60W output at 4 ohms, 70V, and 100V. TM-360 has power saving mode that will engaged after 25 minutes of audio inactivity, or can be manually engaged using a contact closure. The front panel power LED turns from blue (normal) to red when the unit is saving power. An optional rack-mounted kit is available.
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