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Turbosound - TSW-721 TSW


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Switchable Active/Passive Full Range Two-way Loudspeaker System
Switchable Active/Passive Full Range Two-way Loudspeaker System




21 Inch Low-Frequency Subwoofer with Wheels

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The TSW-721 is a unique subwoofer incorporating Turbosound's patented loading principles, designed for use in applications requiring accurate and powerful reproduction of low frequency energy at very high levels. Its ability to reproduce program material with such integrity makes the TSW-721 applicable for both fixed or mobile systems which need to provide energetic low frequency response without stress or equalisation. The TSW-721 incorporates the TurboBass™ device, a patented design which employs a high-velocity partial horn loading technique, giving precise cone control at high power levels. It addresses an increasing demand for accurate, high definition bass reproduction. The TSW-721 is capable of outstanding electrical to acoustic power conversion (101dB at 1w/1m) and can develop peak sound pressure levels of 137dB. The TSW-721 presents a revelation in enclosure and transducer design. It produces high SPL with very low distortion levels and diminutive power compression (1dB at 500 watts RMS), without the need for compensating electronics to correct for component disparities.
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