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Media Vision - HCS-8300 Series TAIDEN

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TAIDEN 8318 - Multimedia Conference Unit with a 10 Inch Touch Screen
TAIDEN 8318 - Multimedia Conference Unit with a 10 Inch Touch Screen
Media Vision
Patrick Herlihy, Senior Product Manager at Media Vision USA, showcases the convergence of AV and IT introducing the TAIDEN HCS-8318 Paperless Multimedia Conference Unit with a 10 Inch touch screen. Innovative features include: file server, screen sharing, document editor, speech prompter, video monitor and many more adding to the traditional capabilities of conference systems.

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Media Vision
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HCS-8300 Series

Paperless Multimedia Congress System

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The HCS-8300 Series is based on TAIDEN's newest technology, CongressMatrix™, adding numerous new features: fiber optic interface to combine rooms across long-distance, CobraNet ready, integrated 8 assignable outputs (incl. mix-minus signal routing capability with adjustable EQ, compression and time delay), as well as innovative accessories such as a thumbprint reader. Within this new series of digital conference systems is a delegate unit with a 10-inch touch panel interface and a built-in video camera. You can push video content out for internet streaming or video teleconferencing. On the touch panel, delegates can view video content, voting results or even access Internet. They can also load PowerPoint presentations or Word document. This unit eliminates the need for laptop in a boardroom. The 8300 Series also includes delegate units removing the gooseneck and using mic line array.
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