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Snell - IQUDC00

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Archangel Ph.C HD Restoring The World At War series
Archangel Ph.C HD Restoring The World At War series
Documentary explaining how the series The World At War has been restored for HD with Snell's Archangel. If you want to see the capability of Archangel in better quality than YouTube there are full HD clips on our site.

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Motion Compensated HD Upconverter
Quasar Ph.C
Motion Compensated HD Upconverter


HD/SD-SDI Up, Down and Cross Converter with Synchronizer

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The IQUDC00 is a flexible up, down and cross converter with synchronizer, suitable for converting SD-SDI signals to HD-SDI or vice-versa and for transcoding HD-SDI, or SD-SDI, signals of the same frame rate. Features include a variable aspect ratio converter with pixel accurate pan, tilt and zoom adjustments, and closed caption support for analog line 21 formats. Both embedded PCM and non-PCM audio can be seamlessly handled, with the capability of processing up to 16 channels of embedded audio alongside the video.
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