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Rose Electronics - RackView KVM/DVI/USB Switch


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Rose Electronics
High Resolution Switch to Switch Cable for Rose KVM Products
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High Resolution Switch to Switch Cable for Rose KVM Products

RackView KVM/DVI/USB Switch

LCD/Keyboard Rack Drawer with Built-in 8-port KVM/DVI/USB Switch

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8-port RackView/1x8 DVI USB KVM switch from Rose Electronics is ideal product for switching DVI video and audio from 8 computers to one centralized workstation. Video and audio from each computer can be switched to local KVM station jointly or independently with push of button on front panel or using simple keyboard hotkey commands. Two USB 2.0 ports are provided for connecting shared high speed USB peripherals. This allows you to share USB devices between eight connected computers. Each connected computer speaker and microphone outputs are connected to DVI KVM Switch. This eliminates need for set for each computer. Audio can be switched independently or jointly with computer selection.
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