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RGB Spectrum - Linx DVI Matrix Switcher


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Solo Microphone, RF-Armorâ„¢ Wearable

Linx DVI Matrix Switcher

DVI Matrix Switcher with 8x8 Configuration

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The Linx is a high-performance non-blocking DVI 8 x 8 matrix routing switcher, with eight inputs and eight outputs. The Linx delivers pure digital switching and routing of DVI signals. When combined with digital signal sources and digital displays, it allows for fully digital end-to-end signal distribution. The Linx switcher accepts input signals up to 1600 x 1200 and 1080p, and supports the full 1.65 Gbit/sec DVI standard. In addition to switching picture information, the Linx supports pass-though EDID DDC allowing for transparent communication between output and input devices. The Linx also provides for programmable or manual override of the EDID. Maintaining digital signal integrity is crucial in a digital switcher. The Linx is unique among DVI switchers in providing optimal signal fidelity. The Linx corrects jitter and signal distortion errors with full pixel reclocking. RGB Spectrum is the first to offer this dual reclocking capability. The Linx also offers built-in cable equalization on all inputs to extend cable lengths up to 50 meters without the need for external signal extenders. The front panel LCD touch screen provides convenient control. On-screen menus allow changes to the switching matrix, singly or in multiples, with a single button push. A status screen graphically displays all connections between inputs and outputs. Remote control is via Ethernet and RS-232 serial ports. RGB Spectrum's WCP server for control of the switcher is accessible from any web browser. No special software is required on the user's PC. Single or multiple point control is available, managed from a password protected configuration screen. The Linx is packaged in a rugged 2U steel chassis, with front replaceable air filters and thermostatically controlled fans. It offers a reliable and robust solution for challenging environments, including even mobile applications. The Linx switcher provides an unmatched combination of performance, optimized signal quality, robust operation, and ease of use.
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