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QOMO HiteVision

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QIT600 HD LCD Writing Panel
QIT600 HD LCD Writing Panel
QOMO HiteVision
QOMO enters a new era of writing panel technology with our QIT600 Wide-Screen, 21.5", Multi-Touch HD Monitor. Designed for comfort, the QIT600 panel adjusts to your angle preference, so you can present with ease. Writing is made easy with palm-shield technology that allows you to rest your palm while working! The QIT600 uses innovative technology that eliminates the need for add-on glass, meani
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QClick Question Locker offers ready to go standard aligned question content.

Article posted on Feb 23, 2012

QuestionLockers’s Content Sets are available by grade and a wide range of subjects, including Math, Science and History, to custom fit the needs of almost any classroom. These comprehensive Sets, reaching between 400-­800 questions per subject, are guided by state education standards, ensuring QuestionLocker users quality and complete lessons.

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