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Peerless-AV - DEB-HD10

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Best of InfoComm 2011 Winner!
Best of InfoComm 2011 Winner!
Peerless-AV's entry in the 2011 Best of InfoComm awards featuring our new Full-Service Video Wall Mount. Do Da Dippity.

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Full Service Thin Video Wall Mount with Quick Release
Full Service Thin Video Wall Mount with Quick Release


32-ft High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet

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32-ft high speed HDMI cable with Ethernet, connect Blu-tay player, cable/satellite receiver or other HD AV device to an LCD/plasma TV or compatible device. Precision engineered for the latest generation of HD devices. For systems that demand increased performance and quality, Delta AV cables from Peerless are designed for enhanced data delivery and maximum durability. Oxygen-free PCOFC conductors and gun-metal plated zinc connectors provide optimal protection against RFI/EMI interference. Combined with 24K gold-plated contacts, this allows for high-speed transfers with minimal signal loss or distortion. Precision engineered for a crisp picture and crystal-clear sound, Delta AV cables take performance to the next level.
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