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NetStreams LLC - MediaLinX AV MLAV9300-CS DigiLinX


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NetStreams LLC
Infrared to CAT5 Receiver
Infrared to CAT5 Receiver



MediaLinX AV MLAV9300-CS

3-channel IP Video Encoder

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MediaLinX A/V provides the gateway for audio and SD/HD quality video to flow into the DigiLinX network. For each source a MediaLinX A/V encodes and prepares the audio and video for distribution across the TCP/IP network. The MediaLinX A/V also provides a mechanism for one way and two-way control of the source and can ensure that the source stays powered on. Using a MediaLinX A/V greatly simplifies the installation and reduces the amount of hardware typically required of large multi-zone systems.

DigiLinX uses a distributed architecture that allows the hardware and the processing power to be spread out across a TCP/IP network. This leverages many of the advantages of using TCP/IP over traditional analog systems. Traditionally, sources are located near the head end controller or additional cabling is used remotely locate the audio/video source in a conference room or hotel suite. The MediaLinX A/V is not constrained by these limitations and can be located anywhere, only requiring a network connection. Each MediaLinX is designed to support 1 source so integrators can specify the exact number required and can easily adjust that number as the project evolves.

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