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Anchor Audio, Inc. - BDP-7500 Beacon

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Liberty Review : Wanda
Liberty Review : Wanda
Anchor Audio, Inc.
Wanda from Kentucky talks about her experience with the Liberty sound system over the years at InfoComm 2011.

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Anchor Audio, Inc.
Go Getter Sound System with One Built-in Wireless Receiver
Go Getter Sound System with One Built-in Wireless Receiver




Beacon Speaker Deluxe Package

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Beacon is a battery powered portable sound system like no other. Line array tower with eight 4-inch speakers can be opened in less than a minute. With the additional three 8-inch woofers in the base, full-range sound spreads evenly over any large crowd. The Beacon offers user-friendly feature controls, a built-in MP3 player and up to two wireless microphones. The compact enclosure has a storage bag for microphones and a collapsable handle with rolling wheels. Beacon deluxe package includes, BEA-7500MU2 with built-in MP3 and two wireless receivers, two transmitters WH-6000 handheld/WB-6000 belt pack, wireless mic (requires WB-6000) CM-60 collar, EM-TA4F, HBM-TA4F headband/LM-60 lapel. Includes mini cable to plug in iPOD or external audio source.
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