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Powered by InfoComm International, AV-iQ serves as a resource to the pro-AV communications industry working hand in hand with manufacturers, resellers & audio visual service providers. AV-iQ publishes the latest manufacturer news & content, including new product updates, product showrooms, a BIM Library & much more. And when end users need help finding services, AV-iQ is there to help with an AV Services Directory & Case Study Library.

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AV-iQ for Dealers

Every day thousands of visitors including users, architects, specifiers, buyers and designers visit AV-iQ resources globally to conduct research for a variety of reasons including AV products, AV Case studies, New AV products, AV news, BIM data, AV service providers and AV product providers. Your participation in the AV-iQ program with a product catalog on your web site or listings in the various directories will enable them to discover your company as the resource they are looking for.

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