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beyerdynamic, Inc. - steno-s 4 Conference

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Synexis - wireless VHF system designed
Synexis - wireless VHF system designed
beyerdynamic, Inc.
Synexis is a wireless VHF system designed for guided tours, assistive listening and interpretation applications. The system is operating at free 216 MHz with 19 switchable frequencies and up to 8 channels which can be used simultaneously. Several components are powered by standard AA or rechargeable batteries which provide long operating time with quick charging.

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Cable Saddle, Cable Saddle for Use with 1/2" Hook and Loop Cable Wraps, 10-Pack

steno-s 4 Conference

Conference/Recording Software for Windows 7

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The steno-s 4 Conference is conference/recording software for Windows 7. With just one mouse click steno-s will easily record all discussions during your meeting. Before, during and after the recording you can mark important events (e.g. different speakers, agenda items or decisions) and in this way you can structure the course of your meeting. Simply embed used files (such as presentations, tables, pictures) into your recording and store them on network or storage media. For processing the stored meetings on other PC’s you can use the license-free steno-s player mode. Navigate quickly, precisely, comfortably and efficiently through your recorded meetings.
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