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Paso Sound Products, Inc. - DMS 3120 DMS

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DMS 3120

120 Watt Digital Music Integrated Amplifier

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The DMS Series - Digital Music Integrated Amplifiers are the most flexible and fully adaptable amplifiers available to today’s Modern Systems Integrator. Only PASO offers the following standard capabilities to make this amplifier customizable to a myriad of Professional and Commercial applications. Inputs 1 - 5 are set as Microphone Inputs. Impedance is 250 ohm balanced. Input 4 can be switched to AUX 1, Input 5 can be switched to AUX 2 (internal jumper). Impedance is 47 K ohm. Phantom Power is provided on all 5 Inputs. Stereo Summing - Two separate RCA Jacks are provided for Input 4 and 5 (Left and Right). A Stereo signal connected to either Input is buffered and internally summed to Mono. Input 4 & 5 Attenuators - When the Inputs are set as AUX 1 and AUX 2 the input sensitivity may be varied by a rear panel Variable Attenuator. This feature allows to set the output level of Programs originating from different sources (CD, Satellite Receiver, etc.). Phone Paging - A separate input is provided to interface with a Phone System. Input Impedance is 600 ohm, Transformer Balanced. A level control is available on the rear panel. Module Port - accepts standard plug-in module. Module Level Control is provided on the front panel. See list of modules available from PASO. MIX BUSS - This Input/Output may be utilized to parallel two amplifiers or as an input for a Microphone Mixer or other audio source. When used as an Input the Amplifier Level and Equalization Controls have no effect. Line Out - 600 ohm, 1.5 Volt Line Output. Remote Volume Controls - The AUX 1 Input Volume and the Master Volume may be adjusted from a remote location. Remote Volume Inputs utilize a 50K Pot and are immune to Audio Interference (DC Operation). Addressable Dual VOX System can be individually selected to operate independently on all 7 Inputs by means of jumpers . Any Input may be set to activate either VOX 1 or VOX 2. Addressable Dual Muting System can be individually selected to operate independently with all 7 Inputs by means of jumpers . Any Input may be set to activate either MUTE 1 or MUTE 2. MUTE 2 Adjustable Delay - A rear panel control adjusts the MUTE 2 Time Delay (the time the MUTE 2 stays activated) from 3 Sec. to 30 Sec. Particularly useful to control the length of time that an Input mutes another (for example AUX 1 over AUX 2). NO/NC VOX Relay is activated each time the VOX or the Muting functions are turned-on. Three terminals provide Normally Open and Normally Closed Contacts. Music on Hold - Output Channel 1 - Channel 1 provides a 1 Volt, 600 ohm balanced output and a 1-Watt, 8-ohm output for Music/Message on Hold or Zone 1 Speaker Output. Internal Jumper selects the source from either AUX 1, AUX 2 or Input Module. Level Control is provided. Output Channel 2 provides a 1-Watt, 8-ohm output for Zone 2 Speaker Output. Internal Jumper selects the source from either AUX 1, AUX 2 or Input Module. Level Control is provided. EQ LINK (Preamp Out) (Power Amp In) jacks are provided for External Equalizer. Activated by the EQ Link Switch. Tone By-Pass Switch defeats the setting of the Treble and Bass Controls. Should be used when an External Equalizer is utilized. Subwoofer Outputs - Two independent Subwoofer Outputs are provided a Pre-Equalization Output and a Post- Equalization Output. Output Voltage is 1 Volt. 24 VDC Supply Output 250 mA regulated Power Supply is provided for external accessories
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